University Day – Rector’s letter

On 19 February, the anniversary of our patron's birthday, we celebrate University Day. It is a day on which we particularly highlight our achievements and share them with our community, we point out the role that the University plays in the city and the region, and its increasingly important position in European and world science

How does the coronavirus mutate?

In spring, the neurological symptoms in patients with COVID-19 such as the loss of smell or taste were scarce. They appeared much more seldom than problems with respiration or high fever. Now, the loss of smell or taste practically defines the coronavirus.

Erasmus+ on the island of Crete

Dear Students! Even though the current situation is not favourable for travelling around Europe, let’s hope it will not last forever. You can make your dreams come true just as your friends Annika and Espen did. They used the opportunity that the Erasmus+ Programme gave them and spent a whole academic year at our partner institutionUniversity of Crete. Their account of their stay on the island of Crete is short, but will hopefully convince you that following your dreams is simply worth it!

Three New Deputy Rectors

The NCU Rector, Prof. Andrzej Sokala, has appointed three Deputy Rectors: for equal treatment; for the safety of students and doctoral students; and an academic ombudsman. The Deputy Rectors will carry out their duties in the term of office 2020 - 2024.

They have arrived! Erasmus+ 2020/21

Our foreign guests, students of Erasmus+ Program, have been acquainting themselves with our city for the last few days already. Yesterday, they started their classes at our University. It has become our tradition to organize a welcome meeting with culinary specialties that our Erasmus students bring from all over Europe.

Erasmus+ recruitment has started!

If you are interested in studying abroad within the Erasmus+ exchange programme in the academic year 2020/21, please submit the application documents to the Department of Projects and International Cooperation (ul. Jagiellońska 13, building A, room 20 – entrance form ul. 3 Maja).

Academic year inauguration

On Thursday, 1 October, the Nicolaus Copernicus University will start a new academic year. This year’s ceremony will be adjusted to the limitations resulting from the epidemic situation.

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