26th April 2023

As part of the 8th International Congress of the Polish Society of Emergency Medicine „Central European Emergency Medicine 2023”, which will take place from 11 – 14 May 2023, Dr Carlos A. Garcia Rosas, MD Emergency Physician, President of Mexican Academy of Emergency Medicine, will be the special guest speaker.

Our guest will share his knowledge on the topic „Evolution of Emergency Medicine in Mexico, 37 years of Experience”.

when: 10 May 3 pm
where: aula of the auditorium building (Medical Library building) in 9 Curie – Skłodowska Street.

The Congress, which will take place from 11 to 14 May this year, will bring together emergency medicine physicians as well as paramedics, nurses, doctors of other specialities, students and all medical professionals and allied professions whose work or scientific activity is related to emergency medicine. We are convinced that the Congress will be an extremely important event also for the local academic community and will become a forum for the exchange of experiences of all professional groups related to emergency medicine.

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