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Faculty of Pharmacy - Collegium Medicum Nicolaus Copernicus UniversityCollegium Medicum Nicolaus Copernicus University

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy:

Dziekanat Wydziału Farmaceutycznego

ul. Jagiellońska 15

85-067 Bydgoszcz


Faculty authorities:

Dean: prof. dr hab. Stefan Kruszewski

Vice-dean for education: dr hab. Barbara Ruszkowska-Ciastek, prof. UMK

Vice-dean for student affairs: dr hab. Marcin Koba, prof. UMK

Vice-dean for educational management: dr hab. Bogumiła Kupcewicz, prof. UMK

Head of doctoral studies: prof. dr hab. Ewa Żekanowska

Head of the Discipline Council for Pharmaceutical Sciences: prof. dr hab. Michał Marszałł

Dean’s proxy for mobility: dr hab. inż. Artur Słomka prof. UMK 

Faculty coordinator for teaching quality: dr hab. Krzysztof Łączkowski, prof. UMK

Faculty units:

Units of the Faculty of Pharmacy at NCU Collegium Medicum

Educational offer:

The Faculty of Pharmacy of NCU Collegium Medicum offers three programmes of study:

The Faculty of Pharmacy currently holds three accreditations: 2 accreditations issued by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) for the fields of laboratory medicine and pharmacy; 1 accreditation issued by the Polish Ministry of Health for the specialisation in retail pharmacy.