4th April 2023

YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) is one of the 41 consortia selected by the European Commission to build and test the model of the European University - open, non-elitist and integrating various communities, as well as promoting innovation, interdisciplinarity and the highest quality in research and education.

YUFE consists of ten dynamic, young, student-centered research universities (over 190 000 students and over 32 000 employees in total) and four non-academic partners in higher education, the labor market and entrepreneurship

We work together to promote our educational programs, develop mechanisms to facilitate the mobility of students and workers, and create a model of higher education without borders, yet well-grounded in the local context, responsive to changes in society and the labor market. We strive to strengthen the idea of lifelong learning, emphasize the value of multiculturalism, multilingualism and European integration.

  • Online YUFE Open Day – 18 April from 11:00-13:00CET 
  • Online YUFE Open Day – 9 May from 11:00-13:00CET