11th May 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the University Libraries are gradually opening. It is now possible to borrow books. Students can order books via e-mail and pick them up from the library at the designated time.

Rules for borrowing books in the University Library 
of the Nicolaus Copernicus University from 11 May 2020

  1. Books can be borrowed from the Main Library (in Toruń) and the Medical Library 
    (in Bydgoszcz). Faculty and institute libraries remain closed until further notice.
  2. Employees, doctoral students and students of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń are entitled to borrow books from the said Libraries.
  3. The option of borrowing applies only to books published after 1959, kept in the Main Library (including Open Access Collection) and Medical Library storage, with the exception of books with the status – for use inside only.
  4. It is not possible to order and borrow periodicals or special collections. If you need to use a periodical or materials from special collections, send an order to make a digital copies  to the following addresses: (in the case of the Main Library)  and (in the case of the Medical Library). The use of digital copies may only take place to the extent of permitted use in accordance with the provisions of the Act  of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights.
  5. The reader can order up to 10 books, regardless of the number of books already registered on the account. The date of their return shall not be specified. In justified cases, the number of books may be increased. The decision shall be made by the librarian on duty.
  6. The reader places an order by sending an e-mail to the addresses: (in the case of the Main Library) and (in the case of the Medical Library), providing information about the ordered book(s) (call number (s), Open Access Collection classification, author and title of the ordered book and volume in the case of multi-volume items) and the reader (employee: name and surname, department, library card number; student: name and surname, field and year of study, student ID number; doctoral student: name and surname, department, ID or library card number).
  7. Incomplete orders will be sent back to the reader with a request for complement.
  8. The pick-up of books will be possible at the Main Library and the Medical Library on the next business day after placing the order between 8.00 and 15.00. The reader will receive a notification with an individual date and time of arrival to pick up the books. The email sent to the reader will also contain information about the unrealized part of the order, e.g. due to the lack of books in the library. The pick-up of books will take place in the designated place in the lobby of the Main Library and the Medical Library. If the planned pick-up date is not appropriate, please inform the appropriate Lending Desk by email to arrange a new pick-up date.
  9. All orders prepared for borrowing will be saved to the reader’s account. The borrowing date registered in the system may be earlier than the date the reader received the book.
  10. The library can be entered only when wearing a mouth-covering mask. After entering, please disinfect your hands with the available disinfectant. It is forbidden to cross the designated zones in the library halls.
  11. The pick-up of books will only be possible after presenting the student ID or the library card to the employee on duty.
  12. After receiving the order, the reader is obliged to check the status of his account and – in case of inaccuracies – immediately report this fact to the appropriate Lending Desk by email.
  13. Books not picked up by the reader within the agreed period will be removed from the account and sent back to the storage.
  14. The Main Library and the Medical Library do not accept returns of books already borrowed. Charges for the return of books after the due date are suspended until further notice.