29th May 2023

Huge success of the NCU Collegium Medicum 1st year Medical students at the National Inter-University Anatomy Competition Scapula Aurea 2023!

This year edition was organized by the School of Medicine at the Colegium Medicum of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce on 26-28th May 2023. The theoretical part included 60 multiple choice questions related to normal anatomy, topographical anatomy, clinical anatomy, functional anatomy, radiological anatomy and neuroanatomy. The practical part of the competition consisted of 20 anatomical structures from formalin-fixed specimens and CT images.

We are proud to announce that our students were very successful, winning as many as five of the twelve Scapula Aurea 2023 statuettes:

1st place in the team classification – English Division team:

  1. Ali Salem – took the 1st place in the individual ranking,
  2. Christiana Alali Boma-George – took the 2nd place in the individual ranking,
  3. Lisa Ennis – took the 4th place in the individual ranking;

2nd place in team ranking – Polish Division team:

  1. Michał Rubelowski – took the 2nd place in the individual ranking
  2. Zuzanna Bielińska
  3. Martyna Kumor

Polish Division students were only 1 point behind the winners in the general classification.

The organizers of the Scapula Aurea 2023 made every effort to ensure the highest professionalism and content level. This year statuettes are unique artistic work, made of bronze and striped flint, which is a treasure of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

1st year Medical students were prepared by the following lecturers of the Anatomy Department: prof. dr hab. Michał Szpinda, dr Mateusz Badura, dr Małgorzata Dombek, dr Magdalena Grzonkowska, lek. Jerzy Juchnowicz and dr Monika Paruszewska-Achtel.