17th September 2021
talking students

Letter of the Vice-Rectors regarding the new academic year.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Students,

We are looking forward with joy and hope to the start of the new academic year. We are very excited to see you again on Campus in October, in the lecture halls and libraries. Our University as an institution and all of us – staff, students and postgraduates – have gained valuable experience in the difficult time of the pandemic. We will certainly apply it in the new academic year.

We would like to assure you that we are making every effort to ensure that your return is safe. We have opened a Centre for Support and Personal Development, whose specialists are at your disposal. Regardless of that, we would like to ask you to boldly address the Faculty staff, administration employees or us directly with all your doubts and ideas concerning the functioning of our University in this demanding time. Your opinion is extremely valuable to us.

Dear All,

we are convinced that by following the rules and guidelines formulated by the Rector, prof. dr habil. Andrzej Sokala, and the Chancellor, dr Tomasz Jędrzejewski, we will be able to work through the next academic year together at the University. We wish you the fulfilment of all your plans and expectations. May the coming academic year be good, happy and prosperous for you!  

See you soon!

With best regards,

prof. dr habil. Beata Przyborowska,

Vice Rector for Student Affairs                                 

prof. dr habil. Przemysław Nehring,

Vice Rector for Education