2nd April 2020
Face cover mask

From 16 April 2020 until further notice, it is mandatory to “cover the mouth and nose using a piece of cloth or a mask”. This obligation applies to all ways of getting around and commuting within the Republic of Poland.

In accordance with governmental regulations, face masks must be worn in all means of public transport, that is buses, coaches, trams, cable cars, and trains.

The obligation to cover the mouth and nose is also applicable when we travel by car with a person who is not our flatmate or household member. Face masks are not mandatory when travelling by car without any passengers.
The requirement applies to persons commuting by bicycle, motorbike, scooter, and on foot.

Official regulations state that we are obliged to cover our mouth and nose whenever we are in the streets, public places, public facilities and workplaces.

Wearing masks is mandatory in all types of sales and service facilities (shops, shopping malls, beauty parlours, hair salons, etc.) as well as open marketplaces. The mouth and nose must also be covered in communal areas (shared spaces such as staircases, elevators, laundry rooms, etc.).

Covering the mouth and nose is not obligatory for people who perform work-related duties in workplaces and public facilities. However, face masks must be worn by persons providing direct services to customers and clients. Masks also don’t have to be worn by drivers of public and collective passenger transport, provided that they are adequately separated from the passengers.