21st October 2014

Medicinal and Cosmetic Plant Garden photo 1The Medicinal and Cosmetic Plant Garden was officially opened for use on 14th October 2014. It has been created for educational purposes, serving as a source of plant material used in teaching and research carried out in particular by the Chair and Department of Pharmaceutical Biology and Botany and the Chair and Department of Pharmacognosy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz. The garden also serves to popularize the knowledge of medicinal and cosmetic plants among the local community.

Medicinal and Cosmetic Plant Garden photo 2The garden has been planted with nearly 200 species of plants, both native and exotic, which are used in medicine and cosmetology. The collection consists of perennial and annual plants planted in the central part, trees, shrubs and undershrubs in the area surrounding it, and climbing plants which will grow over pergolas.

The layout of the plants was designed primarily on the basis of phytochemical criteria (presence of active compounds determining the application of a plant in phytotherapy and cosmetology), and secondarily – taxonomic and habitat criteria.

Entry to the garden is free of charge and the area is available to everyone interested, who can make use of its wide alleys, a wheelchair ramp and public benches.