26th April 2019

We will soon be enjoying a 5-day May break – between 1-5 May 2019. The break is due to two important public holidays celebrated in Poland: the Labour Day (1 May) and the Constitution Day (3 May).

This year’s May break (the so-called Majówka) to last from 1 May (Wednesday) until 3 May (Friday). Adding the weekend, we will have as many as five days for enjoying the lovely Polish spring! University administration offices will also be closed in that period.

The break is due to important celebrations observed in Poland:

1 May – the Labour Day (Święto Pracy) is a public holiday during which in some major cities there are occasional marches promoting workers’ rights.

2 May – the Day of the Flag (Święto Flagi) is not a public holiday, but many institutions, such as our university, are closed on that day.

3 May – the Constitution Day (Święto Konstytucji 3 Maja) is a public holiday celebrated with military parades, family picnics and concerts.

Constitution Day 3 May celebrations in Bydgoszcz Old Town Square