25th May 2023
graduation ceremony

On 22nd May 2023 our 6th year Medical students from English Division celebrated their graduation ceremony. Their family members and friends came from various countries to fill the auditorium to the brim and accompany fresh doctors in this memorable event. There were many flashbacks recalled by the graduates, some moving moments and bursts of laughter – the summary of one chapter from their lives spent in Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz that was closed on that day.

Students gave their special thanks and diplomas to the departments and teachers who were distinguished for their effort and devotion to teaching practical aspects of Medicine.

After the official part of the ceremony there was time to unwind a bit, enjoy the refreshments, have small talks with each other before leaving Bydgoszcz. Students took photos in the official graduation gowns and congratulation letters in their hands.

We wish English Division students every success in their future endevaours!

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