PhD studies in English at the Faculty of Medicine

Admission to the interdisciplinary internationally oriented PhD studies run by the Faculty of Medicine is now open! Candidates are invited to submit their applications.

Erasmus+ experience in Heraklion

If you are in two minds whether to take the opportunity that the Erasmus+ Programme holds for you, please read the account of a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine – Justyna Władyka, who benefited from the Programme on several occasions. The one below was her favourite!

English Division graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony for the international students of the 6-year Medical Programme in English was held on 25 June 2018. Twenty-three future doctors were accompanied by their families and friends, as well as representatives from the academic community.

Prof. Jawień – President of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery

We are immensely pleased to inform you that Professor Arkadiusz Jawień has been appointed the President of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery for the term 2018-2020.  

Success at anatomy competition

We are proud to inform you that once again students of the 6-year MD Programme in English at NCU Collegium Medicum achieved a notable success at the National Inter-University Anatomy Competition Scapula Aurea and Golden Scapula 2018 - 2nd place in team ranking!

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