Day off for students

By the decision of the authorities, 1 June 2018 (Friday) will be free from classes for all students of NCU Collegium Medicum. Also, all administration offices (including dean’s offices) will be closed on that day.  

Lectures on lab medicine by Prof. Panteghini

Prof. Mauro Panteghini, an acknowledged expert in the field of laboratory medicine, has been invited to NCU Collegium Medicum as a visiting professor. He will deliver a series of lectures on 13-14 May 2019. Everyone is cordially invited.

May 17th – Norwegian Constitution Day!

17th of May is celebrated as a Norwegian Constitution Day and features spectacular school children's flag parades. Students from the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) decided to hold the celebrations in Bydgoszcz and show us some of the old traditions of Norway.

Juwenalia 2018 – a national student party!

Don’t miss this year’s Juwenalia – events, concerts and parties organised by students and for students. The feast will be held on 17-18 May 2018 and its highlight will be a series of live concerts and a barbecue party for thousands of students!  

Centre for Medical Simulation

The Centre for Medical Simulation at NCU Collegium Medicum has officially been opened. The unit has been established with the aim of improving the quality and effectiveness of medical teaching provided to Collegium Medicum students.

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